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This powerful skin oil provides the purest, most natural and effective way of reducing dark spots & pigmentation, delivering essential nutrients into your skin’s upper layers. Revealing lighter, brighter, radiant and youthful looking skin.

Feel the goodness of natural ingredients like saffron, winter cherry and turmeric as they transform your skin to reveal a lighter, brighter and spotless complexion. This light oil, blends beautifully into the skin to work on pigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone.

Suitable for all skin types, this Skin Lightening Oil can be used night and day for maximum results and beautiful spotless skin.

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100% Natural | Hypoallergenic | Bestseller,Experience 16 amazing ingredients power packed with goodness,A rich, powerful, yet delicate treatment oil designed for the face and neck. Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil’s premium formulation is rich with moisturizing and nourishing Natural extracts of priceless ,Saffron , Turmeric , Winter Cherry and Vitamins , earning its place as a well-known and well-loved top-to-toe beauty solution.

  • The formula is designed to absorb quickly into dehydrated skin to smooth, nourish, and brighten while providing a natural glow.
  • Skin feels softer, smoother, well-hydrated, and plumper, and the visible effects of sun damage and scarring appear diminished.
  • This oil contains no fillers and is formulated with only effective natural ingredients. This product is vegan, cruelty-free, noncomedogenic, and formulated without silicone and gluten.
  • This moisturizing oil is made with select natural extracts, which combine to create a rich source of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.
  • The oil also assists in boosting natural radiance and creating a more even tone.

On clean skin apply this luxurious oil and massage gently in upwards movements. Allow it to get absorbed into the skin to work from within. Pay special attention to areas with patches and spots.

Can be used under your regular sun block, moisturizer or make up. Use daily day and night for maximum results

Turmeric Oil, Saffron Oil, Winter Cherry Extract, Curcumin Oil, Licorice Extract, Orange Oil, Chamomile Oil, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, Lime Oil, Alium Cepa Extract, Piper Betel Extract, Laksha Oil, Cedrus Deodara Oil, Saussurea Lappa Oil, Katuki Oil, Rasna Extract, Shatawa Oil.


Key Ingredients-

Sandal oil



2 reviews for SKIN LIGHTENING OIL – Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots Beauty Oil

  1. 5 out of 5


    I used this as a bedtime treatment. I am so glad this came to my life and my rescue. When I applied this oil for the first time, it left my skin really soft and well nourished. I got up with a healthy skin that looked well rested 🙂 Over a period of time I saw my face had brightness factor to it. It also lightened my fresh acne scar and I was so happy with the way this worked

  2. 5 out of 5


    Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil is the best skin lightening oil I have tried till date. It is natural and makes skin soft, smooth, even and radiant. I use it as a night treatment and I love how healthy my skin looks every morning. If you looking for something to even out your skin tone then I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to you!

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Anita-A daily must have 

I buy this product on a regular basis. I think it is a great value oil, considering the result I get. I have never had softer brighter skin in my life. I actually add a little grape seed oil to it when I initially open it. I usually put 2-3 drops of it into my hand, then apply it on my face. The oil does absorb quickly into the skin, and it smells great. I’ve using this facial oil in the morming and as part of my nightly skin routine for the last 2 years, love the citrus smell and the light feeling it leaves on my skin. Friends are telling me my skin looks really good. It Glows. I love it.


Harshala-must buy..

most of the fairness creams actually damages your skin for brightening..
here is the damage control..
it’ll lighten your skin naturally, i.e. will let you have the real glow of your skin..
it works with like an anti-aging effect..
keep patients and get back a child like skin 🙂
never fear of side effects and be pleased with it’s lovely aroma..

Amruta-Amazing Night Oil!

An amazing product for all skin types. I am always hesitant to try new products but after reading the reviews, I finally decided to buy this and guess what, this oil actually works. My skin tone looks definitely improved. Wrinkles have not reduced though but it would definitely lighten the acne scars giving you lighter skin tone.

Rekha-not oily, makes skin soft

My pimple marks lightened in 4days and vanished in the second week. Have patience, massage it thoroughly and it will work like magic.

Shweta-Fair and Lovely!

This is one of the most wonderful products I have come across. Works really well and can send you 3-4 shades brighter and fairer. In case you are interested in getting fair, you can try this natural and Auravedic product

Priya-good job

I find oil to be better than any moisturizer and its doing the job!!.

Sangeeta-good product

Works as it says…efficient on dark circles as well..cannot remove stubborn pigmentation though..improves complexion

Malvina-A very good oil. Makes skin smooth after using it

A very good oil . Makes skin smooth after using it. Very useful for sun burns too. Very soothing effect

Nikita-It moisturises the skin very well

I was confused whether to use this on face or not as i have oily skin and was hvng sm acne. But i used it in place of night cream. And it worked wonderfully. It moisturises the skin very well. Cant say about skin lightening as i have not used it that regularly. But its definitly a good product for skin and i m gonna purchase it again after.

sweeta-good result.

it doesnt work instantly…. though my skin fells so soft, and most amazing thing about this oil is its divine smell…. its so calming and relaxing… i havent noticed any brightening… but it moisturizes my skin well … so its ok…
I have normal skin texture but this oil has worked as a miracle in my skin. After regular usage of ten days, my pimple marks have reduced to a remarkable extent. N the best part is I got no pimple after using this oil at night which I generally get after using any night cream during summers. Moreover, i have a slight dark patch in my leg which is almost vanished now. Overall its a mind blowing product. I just loved it. I will purchase it again.. Mmmuuuuaaaaahhhh to this product ‘
I’ve been using this oil for a year, I’m not a ‘fairness’ person… I use it to lighten up the area around my mouth which is unusually darker than the rest of my face, the oil does help in smoothening the skin tone and acne scars too heal completely well, I apply it before sleep every night.. Helps with dark circles too..! This product doesn’t play the ‘fair is beautiful’ card which is a great thing for vast Indian skin tones 😋


The best skin care regime is one which is simple and effective. Below are 4 simple steps to build a skin lightening regimen

  • Exfoliate- Remove dead skin with an exfoliating scrub at least twice a week.
  • Moisturizer- Use a moisturizer after cleansing your skin.
  • Sun screen- Use a sunscreen with at least SPF 25 on your face and body.
  • Main Skin Lightening Product- Whatever product you choose, ensure they only contain safe ingredients and be sure to use them as directed.

And Finally – Don’t Give Up! A Skin Care Regime is crucial to keep your skin strong, healthy and beautiful.

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