I like that it’s light hair oil which actually does the work! If you are looking for a hair oil, that works on hair fall then this is something you MUST try! But you will have to have patience with this because it takes some time to start showing results but eventually it does.  This also helped in making my hair softer and reduced the frizziest frizz to a normal one 😛 !

I have talked about this in my current hair care routine as well! I usually don’t use a conditioner after I shampoo but I do use this oil to keep dryness in check. This hair oils is very good if you have problem with your hair not your scalp.

I would Highly Recommend this for people with dry hair!

Product Experience:

  • This mask has gram flour kind of herbal fragrance.
  • Once I washed my face I could see difference in my skin shade.
  • There was visible glow on my face.
  • It did not dried out my skin neither I felt my skin like stretchy.
  • Currently I don’t have any pimple in my face, so i don’t know that it works on pimples or not.
  • Overall a good  100 % organic face pack which helps in lightening the skin and spots at an affordable price.


Auravedic Skin Lightening Oil is the best skin lightening oil I have tried till date. It is natural and makes skin soft, smooth, even and radiant. I use it as a night treatment and I love how healthy my skin looks every morning. If you looking for something to even out your skin tone then I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to you!